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Science Week

Science Week 2018 got off to a flying start thanks to an entertaining assembly by Astro Alice from Whizz Pop Science, who invited volunteers to blow the longest possible bubble chain, and ended by producing an explosive bubble fountain involving the chemical hydrogen peroxide!


The theme of this year's Science Week was "What is a Scientist?". Through our study of a famous scientist, we discovered that scientists are both male and female, of all ages, and come from many different backgrounds. The week was also supported by visits from 7 generous "Scientists in our Community", who gave up their time to answer questions from the children and demonstrate scientific equipment and practical work that is involved in their jobs.


In our classes, we spent the week developing our understanding of the practical “Working Scientifically” skills that help us become super scientists. Each experiment focussed on a different skill that related to the 3 stages of an investigation: Planning, Doing and Reviewing.


One of the highlights of the week was when each class had the chance to test out their helicopters, which had been set as an optional half term homework project. It was great to see so many children completing the task of designing, making, evaluating, and improving their projects, using a variety of materials. The scientists who designed the helicopters which stayed in the air for the longest when released from a 3 metre platform were all awarded a special Science Week prize!


As always, it was great to see the huge variety of practical science that was going on around the school. From testing how waterproof different materials were in Year 1, to investigating the effect of different drinks on our teeth in Year 4, through to investigating and creating thermally insulated mugs in Year 6, children were excited and eager in all their explanations. Thank you in particular to all the children who helped present on behalf of their classes in the Science Fair. It was a hot day, and their understanding, commitment and enthusiasm for science was very impressive!