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At Bradley Barton School, we ensure all special education needs are met through good classroom practice. This is called Quality First Teaching. In addition to this, we use a graduated approach called 'Assess, Plan, Do and Review'. 


•At Bradley Barton we believe that the best support is delivered within the mainstream classroom through ‘quality first teaching.’ Children with SEND access personalised curriculum provision to meet their needs.

•In classes, learning objectives are differentiated to meet all pupils’ needs.  Where children's need are more complex, individual provision will be developed to meet their needs.

•Children’s needs will be met through reasonable adjustments to the curriculum and daily routines of the school. We respond to pupil need but this could include: joining small intervention groups inside or outside the classroom, providing support from a key adult at challenging times of the day or to work on specific targets or time in the Outdoor Classroom.

•Interventions are always planned for a short period and reviewed regularly to ensure they are being effective.

•The SENDCO works closely with class teachers to plan provision for pupils with SEND. This is detailed on a ‘Provision Map.’

•We work closely with the Educational Psychology service, advisory teachers and other external agencies when designing a child’s provision. Their advice is absorbed into a child’s Provision Map. This may include adaptations to the physical environment as well as a child’s curriculum.

•1:1 support is used rarely and only when advised by a whole multi-agency ‘team around a child’ at a TAC meeting, or sequence of meetings. In these circumstances, DAF 3 paperwork is completed and agreed by all professionals to seek the additional funds required to enable this level of support. In most circumstances, research demonstrates that pupils can make accelerated progress without 1:1 support and that this promotes greater independence in the future.