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Outdoor Classroom

The Outdoor Classroom utilizes the amazing grounds we have at our school to provide a balanced education to the young learners at Bradley Barton. The curriculum stems from the Science section of the 2014 National Curriculum. Not only is our Outdoor Classroom an exciting opportunity to explore science in a 'real life' interactive way, we provide a unique opportunity for the children to learn practical outdoor skills through fun and engaging projects.


The children all contribute to the development and upkeep of our various gardens and suggest ways we can improve our environment to promote wildlife and conservation. We are mindful of the unique opportunity we have to promote children’s wider life skills, and we take every opportunity to encourage the development of self-confidence, independence and resilience.


You can find out a bit more about the outdoor classroom in the Science section of the curriculum and in the class pages.



Some features of the Outdoor Classroom


Gardening, Growing and Food Production 

In every Outdoor Classroom lesson the children are able, with the support of our gardening expert Mrs Heath, to learn all about growing various plants. The children are taught where their food comes from, what food plants look like and how to harvest them. They also learn how to maintain the various gardens and planters we have on our school grounds. 


Science Curriculum

With the support of the outdoor classroom teacher, the children will be guided through the science curriculum with engaging projects, experiments and exploring the outdoors. Through this, the children are learning all about the world around them, without always being confined to a classroom. They will also be learning vital interpersonal skills, for example, how to work in a team, managing disappointment (not every seed will grow!), resilience, becoming an independent learner and many more!