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Primary School PE and Sport Funding

    Bradley Barton School

 Primary School PE and Sport Funding


                                                                                            Year 1

Year 1 Development areas



Increase participation in school sport



Raise standards in dance and gymnastics










Possible use of funding


Audit reference

Total amount allocated

 SCHOOL TOTAL = £5,542



Time frame

Pooling funding with other schools

  • Work in collaboration with many other local schools.
  • Increase opportunities.
  • Access specialists to raise standards for pupils and staff.



  • Buy into SSP - £1,256
  • Cost for SSCo


Sept. 2013

Hiring Specialists PE teachers or sports coaches.

  • Raise standards of T and L of teachers working alongside experts.
  • Improve quality of delivery from specialists.
  • To increase opportunities.



  • Access Enhanced Package from SSP for dance and gym.
  • Becky Mason worked with Classes 6, 7 and 9 to improve delivery of dance.
  • Tammi Lethbridge worked with Classes 4, 5 and 6 to improve delivery of gym.
  • Tammi Lethbridge will work with Classes 8 and 10 to improve delivery of gym.








Nov. 6th for 6 weeks.


Jan. 15th for 5 weeks.


Feb. 26th for 6 weeks.

CPD opportunities for staff.

  • To improve PE knowledge and skills of NQT’s.



  • Matt Easterbrook to attend NQT PE course to develop a greater awareness of expectations in PE.




Jan. 2014

Extra curricular clubs.

  • To provide another sports club on an evening when staff are unavailable due to staff meetings.
  • To encourage children who are not attracted by sports clubs on offer.
  • Greater participation in sport and exercise.



  • 20 children experienced archery with Premier Sports. Each paid £1.
  • 20 children will experience cheerleading with Premier Sports. Each will pay £1.
  • Y3/4 badminton for 10 children who do not normally participate in sports clubs.
  • ‘Inspire Club’ offered by Premier Sports. 20 x Y3/4 children will be invited to attend after school free of charge. Aimed at children who need to be encouraged to participate in physical activity.
  • Y2 football for 20 children after school on Mondays – Premier Sports. Each will pay £1.


  • Another group of 20 x Y1/2 children to experience football with Premier Sports. Each to pay £1.


  • Multi-skills for Y1/2 children on Mondays with Premier Sports. 20 children at £1 each.


  • Tri Golf for KS1 and KS2. Taster sessions for all the children followed by after school sessions for 20 children in each key stage.









5 x £40=




5 x £20 = £100



5 x £20 = £100



5 x £20 = £100




Jan. 6th for 6 weeks.

Feb. 24th for 6 weeks.

Feb. 25th for 6 weeks.


28/4, 12/5, 19/5, 2/6 and 9/6.



28/4, 12/5, 19/5, 2/6 and 9/6.


16/6, 23/6, 30/6, 7/7 and 14/7.


16/6, 23/6, 30/6, 7/7 and 14/7.


Summer term.

Running sports competitions and increasing pupils’ participation in school games.

  • To increase participation amongst pupils.
  • To raise whole school aspirations.
  • To allow all pupils to access opportunities.



  • Minibus hire to SSP events. 12 events entered during autumn and spring terms.

12 x £50 = £600

Throughout autumn and spring terms.

Replace small, old PE shed and playtime equipment shed.

  • To allow easier access to all equipment by staff and children.
  • To prevent equipment being broken or ruined by leaks and lack of space.



  • PE equipment and playtime equipment is being ruined by leaks and lack of space. Purchase 20’ x 8’ container with help from PTFA.

£1,000 and £1,194 from PTFA.

Arrive summer term.

Supply to cover PE co-ordinator working alongside NQT’s + PLT meetings.

  • Meetings essential to keep in touch with new developments in PE and future events.
  • To help new staff deliver high quality PE lessons.



  • 3 afternoon sessions working with new staff for the summer term and 3 afternoon PLT meetings throughout the year.

6 x £75 = £450

Summer term.

Buying materials for PE and Sport.

  • To improve the quality of lunchtimes.



  • To employ a coach from Premier Sports to help the Sports Leaders and MTA’s with ideas to encourage children to be more active at lunchtimes.
  • Replace lunchtime equipment.

£30 x 10 weeks = £300



11.45 – 1.15 one day a week for 10 weeks.