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New House Points System

Celebrating children’s learning and behaviour is something which we value greatly at Bradley Barton. As you may be aware, this year, we have introduced a new House system to encourage children to collaborate in teams and achieve, for their own success and the success of others.  All members of the learning community were consulted and the House names of Hound Tor, Hare Tor, Fox Tor and Sheepstor were agreed. Your child has been told of their House, and all members of the same family are in the same House!

Your child’s achievements are now being recognised through a new web-based system called Pupil Reward Points.  The system allows our staff to award House points to your child during lessons for a wide range of reasons and even outside of lesson time.

Your child has been provided with login details to the Pupil Reward Points system, which can be accessed not only in school but also outside of school where they can use the internet.  When signed in, your child can check how many points they have, see a list of all their achievements and access a host of other features to keep them interested in their progress. To access the system, please click on the link below:


Pupil Reward Points