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Diversity Day 2019

On Thursday 14th February 2019, we held a wonderful Diversity Day at Bradley Barton. The children and adults had a fantastic time and created some amazing outcomes in their workshops. We now intend to make this a yearly event for the children.


The whole school joined in with the cultural diversity event. It was a fun packed day, full of activities which the children all really enjoyed.


We learnt that it is ok to be different and that we are all unique in our own way. At the same time we learnt that even when people look different to us on the outside, because they have different coloured skin, language culture or belief; they are still the same on the inside, holding the same hopes and dreams as the next person.

Everyone within Bradley Barton was very open and welcoming to the idea of the event and embraced it with open opens, it shows how important it is to take time to talk to our children about these issues.

There were some very good messages given to the children during the day and we hope this works towards supporting the children in developing positive attitudes around diversity, something which is perhaps more important in our society today than ever before.


Below are some pictures from around the school during our Diversity Day 2019!