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Bradley Barton’s Pupil Reward Points


Celebrating children’s learning and behaviour is something which we value greatly at Bradley Barton. As you are aware, we have a house system to encourage children to collaborate in teams and achieve, for their own success and the success of others. The house names are Hound Tor, Hare Tor, Fox Tor and Sheep Tor.


Here is a little reminder on how the Bradley Barton Pupil Reward System works…

Each child has login details to the Pupil Reward Points web based system. When signed in, your child can check how many points they have and see a list of all their achievements. To access the system, please click on the link below. If you do not know your child’s log in details, you can get these at the school office.


The children are awarded with a certificate when they reach the first milestone of 50 house points. Then different coloured badges are rewarded (as shown below) as they progress through the stages. The children proudly wear their badges on their collars to show their wonderful achievements.


When your child reaches a reward stage below, your child will be awarded with their certificate and badge and this brilliant achievement is celebrated. As the bronze, silver and gold awards are so special, the children will receive these badges in the celebration assembly at the end of the term so this outstanding achievement can be shared with the school community.

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Hound Tor Sheep Tor Hare Tor Fox Tor



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