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Activity 5

Activity 5 - Coloured rice art


Coloured rice is easy to make, and is a fun,different way to create pictures.  It also makes a great sensory play item for younger children!




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First, you will need to make your coloured rice.


You will need:


Uncooked rice

Resealable food bags or tubs

Some different coloured food colouring or non-toxic paint


Split your rice into different bags or tubs (tubs need to have a tight fitting lid).

Add a couple of drops of food colouring or paint to the rice, seal the bag or tub and then shake and squish the rice around until it is all coloured.  If you have some rice that is left uncoloured add another drop or two of paint and repeat.

Once the rice is coloured, you will need to leave it to dry.  Tip it out onto a baking tray and spread in a thin layer. Leave it for at least a few hours or overnight.  Once dry,your rice can be stored in jars,tubs or bags, until you are ready to use it.


You can now use the rice to create any pictures you like! If you want to make them permanent, make sure to use plenty of glue in the areas you want the rice to stick.  There is an example below, but use your imagination and create your own unique picture!


Have fun!

Mrs Cronshaw


Picture 1