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Activity 4

Activity 4 - Salt dough Easter decorations


Salt dough is brilliant for making decorations and once it is baked, goes hard and lasts for a long time.


You can get really creative decorating your eggs.  Perhaps you could find a couple of branches from outside to hang your eggs on? Alternatively, you could hang your salt dough Easter eggs on a string across your window if you wanted to show them off to people who pass by! 


Recipe and instructions are below.


Have fun!

Mrs Cronshaw

Picture 1

To make salt dough Easter egg decorations




A cupful of plain flour (about 250g)

half a cupful of table salt (about 125g)

half a cupful of water (about 125ml)



1. Mix the flour and salt in a large bowl. Add the water and stir until it comes together into a ball.

2. Transfer the dough to a floured work surface. Roll out or flatten your dough.  You can use biscuit cutters to make any shapes you like.  If you want to make an egg and don’t have a cutter, you can use a cup to make a dough circle and then roll or stretch the circle slightly until you are happy with your egg shape.  Use a skewer or pencil to make a small hole at the top for hanging.  If you have left over bits of dough then get creative and make some models of anything you like!


3. Whilst you are cutting your shapes, ask an adult to put oven on at its lowest possible heat setting.


4. Put your finished items on a lined baking tray and ask an adult to help you put them in the oven to bake for 3 hrs or until solid.


5. Leave to cool and then paint however you like.  Once the paint is dry you can use some string, wool or ribbon to make hanging loops for your eggs, threading them through the hole at the top.