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Peregrines (Yr5/6)

With Miss Bacon       




Welcome to the Pregrines’ class page. Miss Bacon is Peregrines' class teacher, and Miss Pendreich and Miss Hedge will also work in the class at different times during the week. The children may also work with Mrs. Heywood, Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Curle and the other teachers in the upstairs corridors at different times.


Collaboration with Other Classes

Pregrines is one of three Year 5/6 classes in the school. These three classes will be working together very closely this year, and will also be working with Kestrels, a Year 4/5 class, to ensure that all of the Year Five children are given the same opportunities. We will be covering the same learning objectives from the National Curriculum, so the children’s experiences between each of the classes will be very similar.


Class Dojo

This year, all of the upstairs classes will be using Class Dojo. Letters will go home on the first day of term to explain how you can access Class Dojo. This will allow you to see dojo points that your child earns, which will also be translated into House Points, as well as being notified about missing homework or PE kits. There is also a section where I will post any interesting things the class is doing and any reminders of special things that need to be brought in. There is also a messenger section where you can communicate with me directly should you wish to do so.


PE Days

In Peregrines, we have P.E on Monday and Friday It is recommended that children keep their P.E kits in school from Monday to Friday (and then take them home to be washed over the weekend) as P.E will be weather dependent. For P.E the children will need a white T-shirt, shorts or tracksuit bottoms, a sweatshirt/ hoodie for colder weather and trainers. If children do not have their PE kit, a message will be sent home as a reminder for next time as PE is as much a part of the curriculum as any other subject.


Outdoor Classroom

The children will continue to visit the outdoor classroom this year. In Peregrines we will have outdoor classroom on a Wednesday afternoon with Mr. Brown and Mrs. Heath. Please ensure that your child has a warm, waterproof coat in school on this day, as each week there is an outdoor session which will take place in all weathers.



We have a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities across Year 5 and 6 and would love to see all of the children getting involved with as many clubs as possible. Club letters will be sent home before a club is due to begin. Please ensure that these are returned in good time to either the teacher running the club or the school office. To check whether or not a club is going to be on each week, please see the notice boards on the school gates or the ‘clubs’ section of the school website. If a club needs to be cancelled due to bad weather or staff illness, parents will be notified by text message as soon as possible on the day. If your child is selected to represent the school for a competition, letters will come home before the event and need to be returned as soon as possible to ensure that the competition can take place.


Any Questions

If you ever have any questions or comments, I will be out at the end of most days with the class so you are welcome to come and see me then or, if you wish for a longer discussion, please make an appointment with the office. I can also be reached via Class Dojo, and will be happy to communicate with you through that if you would prefer.