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Outdoor Classroom

Our Outdoor Classroom Curriculum has evolved through knitting together a combination of the 2014 National Curriculum, the interests of the children in our unique Bradley Barton community, and the opportunities provided by our school grounds. Indeed, opportunities are provided for all children to contribute to the development and upkeep of our various gardens. We are mindful of the unique opportunity provided OC to develop children’s wider life skills, and we take every opportunity to encourage the development of self-confidence, independence and resilience. Prestigious competitions are interwoven into our termly planning in order to motivate and challenge our young scientists.


You can find out a bit more about the outdoor classroom in the Science section of the curriculum and in the class pages.



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Some features of the Outdoor Classroom


Show and Share

This is where children decide on an area of nature that really interests them (or indeed something they have found on their travels!), research, and prepare a short presentation for the class. The class then supportively grades their peer's effort and it is celebrated on a recorded chart on the wall. Grade 5 Show and Shares are printed and laminated so that all of the school can access them.


Shining Stars

Every class has their own “Shining stars” record book which recognises outstanding effort and attainment by the children (under the headings of Scientific Vocabulary, Leading by example, and Outstanding Work)


If children are awarded a Shining Star, they are awarded a house point back in class, and their names may be read out in Key Stage assemblies.


Competitions and Awards

The Outdoor Classroom maintains its position as one of the county’s leading examples of school-based outdoor learning. We regularly take part in county-wide and national competitions to showcase the fantastic learning that is evident across the school. These range from our local “Newton In Bloom” school grounds competition to the “Chelsea Flower Show” (which involves Year 5 and 6 children being set a science challenge by a leading horticultural company, and reporting their findings to the general public at the London-based Show)


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